List for 2012

The older I get the more I love to make list.  Most of all I love to cross things off my list.  I think it keeps me focused and organized.  It's amazing how much more I get done in the day when I make a list.

So I have made a list of things I would like to do in 2012!  
We will see how much I can actually cross off my list this year!

1.  Make a craft room for Grace and I.

2.  Make a reading/sitting room/office for myself. 

3.  Go on a warm vacation with my hubby.

4.  Organized my pantry.

5.  Be a better friend.

6.  Help my husband out more with our bookkeeping.

7.  Have my parents over for dinner more often.

8.  Have our friends over more often.

9.  Clean out our shop.

10. Cook more often (my family would love this)

11. Organize my closet.

12. Start a weekly outfit post.

13. Buy a new bike and go on rides with the kids.

14. Start running again (at least twice a week)

15. Go quad riding more often.

16. Read a book once a month.

17. Landscape our backyard.

18. Buy new patio furniture.

19. Sign Colby up for the Hunters Safety Course.

20.  Get more organized at work.

Posted by Chris