Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My morning with Grace

Let me just give you a run down with my morning with Grace.  First I wake her up at 7:00 and get her a bowl of cereal, she finishes it up and then comes in my room and gets in my bed.  I tell her to get dressed and she says "can you pick out my clothes?"  (Grace is 9 years old by the way)  I go get her clothes and she takes probably 15 min. to get dressed.  I then tell her to start brushing her teeth....this has been a on going battle for the past 8 years.  She will only put a little tiny bit of tooth paste on her tooth brush, so her mouth reeks of bad breath every single day.  She holds the tooth brush under the water till the little bit of tooth paste she does put on it off by the time she actually puts the tooth brush in her mouth.  After sitting there watching her for 5 min. I finally can't stand it anymore so I grab the brush, put on more paste and I brush her teeth.  Total fight at this point.  After the whole brushing her teeth, she then wants me to do her hair.  I put her bangs off to the side and she looks at me and says "are you serious?"  I tell her to get her shoes and backpack but instead of doing what I ask she wants to show me a dance that she has made up.  I watch for 15 seconds before it dawns on me that she is calling all the shots.  I tell her to go get her rain jacket and get in the car.  We get to the school and I look back.....no rain jacket!!! 

This girl is going to send me to the "Nut House"

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