Friday, February 17, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Time to link up with From My Grey Desk again!  Even though I took Monday off work and it was a short work week, I'm still glad it's Friday. 

Here's five of my favorite things from this past week:

1.  I got my hair done yesterday and I'm loving it!

2.  Loving my new iPhone that my hubby got me for Valentines Day

3.  I got this new Duvet cover at Ikea for the house in Fort Bragg...can't wait to get back over there and set it up.  I'm going to accent with the red!!  Super cute!
EIVOR LEVA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s) IKEA Percale; crisp, cool bedlinen densely woven from fine yarn.

4.  Super excited about my sister and her family coming to town tonight.  We are going out to dinner to our favorite and only restaurant in town! 

5.  Dino, the kids and I have not gotten sick in the last year.  There has been a lot of ugly stuff going around and we have been really lucky to not have caught anything!  Sooooo thankful!

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