Friday, February 10, 2012

High Five for Friday


I am so glad it's Friday! It's been a very long week, and the hubby didn't have a very good day yesterday which really bums me out! Time to link up with From My Grey Desk again! Here are our five favorite things for this week!

1. Went shopping yesterday and got a awesome frame at Marshals. When I saw it I knew exactly where I was going to put it. I think it looks great!  Pictures to come! - Chris

2. Loving my new Coach sun glasses! - Chris

3.  My son Colby!  He is in the 7th grade and is taking a geometry class.  He is working 3 years above his grade level and yesterday he took a really hard test.  The teacher said it's the hardest test that she gives.  Colby finished 15 min. before any of the other students.   He got a 98% and the teacher told him that only one other student has ever scored a was 6 years ago and it was Colby's cousin!  I'm bragging about my smart son, but he didn't get the math smart gene from me! - Chris


4.  Breakfast at my moms and afterwards, a visit to a new thrift store.  Its not often that this 46 yr old gets breakfast made for her...what a treat! - Simply, Tamie

5.  I am giving myself a "BIG high five" just for showing up at my sons school to sell Valentines Day candy grams and for making it to a late night Little League meeting when I should of been home in bed nursing myself back to health!!!  Finally Friday....I survived the week!!! - Simply, Tamie

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